The outputs of this decomposition are syngas (a highly combustible gas largely comprising of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane), heat and bio-char (a charcoal like material that is a potential fuel source in its own right).

Standard Gas is a stage one winner of the UK’s Department for Transport’s Future Fuels for Flight and Freight Competition to meet the UK’s Renewable Fuels obligation, effective January 1, 2019, requiring all fuel suppliers to provide a minimum % of transport fuel produced from waste. Our gas can be converted for use as a transportation fuel thus qualifying for lucrative incentives through at least 2032.

How We Operate

Standard Gas developed owns and operated a 2.5MW commercial scale demonstration plant located at Hundingdon, UK, and is in the late stages of raising funding to build a 100 tonnes per day (T/D) commercial plant at the same site. Based upon the initial plant, the next plant has been enhanced by an experienced process engineering group.

Standard Gas works with world class third party engineering and manufacturing companies, to manage, supply and install skid mounted turnkey systems. We also identify suitable development opportunities and undertake all initial financial appraisals,  planning/permitting applications, feedstock and off-take assessments. We engage experienced parties to project manage the equipment assembly and its installation and operate the plant. In addition Standard Gas assesses potential licencing opportunities worldwide as appropriate.


Who we are

Standard Gas has a great depth and breadth of experience in its management team. Chosen to reflect an accumulated experience from a diverse knowledge base, the whole team is committed to creating a revolution in green gas generation that is not only economical, efficient and effective, but at its core is delivering substantial environmental benefits.

Our Ground-Breaking Facilities

The SG 100 is a modular skid mounted system capable of rapid plant installation as a stand alone bespoke facility, or, installed at redundant industrial/power production facilities. Moreover, the SG 100 can be located at the back end of MRF facilities saving MRF operators the cost of baling, loading and transporting their non-recyclable residual waste.