After the installation of the next plant at Huntingdon, Standard Gas plans to roll out 20 plants at the back end of existing Materials Recycling Facilities as part of a strategy called the 20:20 initiative. Standard Gas will Build, Own, Operate & Maintain the first 5 projects and may consider issuing a “Development License” to a UK Project Developer for a further 14 projects which the company will have identified and contracted and which will be operated and maintained by the company.

At the same time, Standard Gas will also install a further 4 plants at the Huntingdon site which will be developed as the first of Standard Gas’ Future Fuels Initiative to produce “development” transport fuel from the gas output of the plants, thus taking advantage of the generous government incentives through to at least 2032. Subsequently, the company will identify and secure an additional 4 sites for the development of 16 further plants (4 per site) as renewable fuel transportation hubs.

At the end of year 3, the company will commence a ten year global roll out plan in priority countries with a target to install an additional 110 plants by the end of year 8.

Each of these developments will be done through a special purpose vehicle either wholly owned by Standard Gas or in JV with an appropriate partner, such as an energy user, site owner or waste contractor.

Standard Gas has developed relationships with established OEM & EPC contractors over time to enhance the roll-out of the plants on a reliable basis with appropriate engineering EPC WRAP or efficacy insurance.

As UK operations evolve, Standard Gas will pursue partners and licencees globally in markets which the company feels have the appropriate regulations and economic drivers in place to support a roll-out of plants.


The reciprocating engine (2.5 MW Jenbacher) converts the synthetic gas to electricity.


Pyrolysis unit front view with retort dual fuel burners used to heat the retort to produce the gas.


Carbon Rich Char – one of the outputs together with gas and heat.