Standard Gas developed and operated a 2.5mw plant

Operating Facilities

The company owns the intellectual property to a patented advanced thermal cracking technology used to covert a variety of non-recyclable carbon rich waste to a high quality synthetic natural gas replacement which can be used to produce power and heat as well as transport fuel or chemical feedstock.

The company’s 2.5 MW plant is a commercial scale demonstration plant which was used to: i) obtain EA End of Waste certification for the company’s advanced thermal cracking technology; ii) obtain an EA operating permit under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) to process a broad range of waste; iii) test its capability to produce a clean synthetic gas from a broad range of carbon materials; and iv) serve as the core process model for the 5MW SG 100 plant which is anticipated to be commissioned within 12 months of financial close and operate at Huntingdon on a commercial basis.

The Standard Gas technology has been designed to overcome the challenges faced at many previous facilities. The Standard Gas design allows the production of advanced thermal synthetic gas without producing

  • A build-up of tars
  • Impurities in the gas
  • Variances in the composition of the gas


Standard gas controls the equipment assembly and installation of all its plants

Project Management of Manufacturing & Installation

Standard gas controls the equipment assembly and installation of all its plants. Around 80% of the equipment used is readily available from a variety of original equipment manufacturers.

The balance of the plant is bespoke to Standard Gas and relates to the furnace, rotating kiln, primary pyrolysis and secondary gas cracking equipment. The front end engineering design (FEED) is undertaken by Standard Gas with an appropriate engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractor appointed on a plant by plant basis.

We have identified several world class manufacturing groups who have the global capability and desire to build modular skid mounted systems for rapid plant installation. The initial UK plants will be manufactured and assembled by a world-class UK manufacturer.

Identify development opportunities, appraisals, planning & permitting

Developing & Operating

Standard Gas identify suitable development opportunities and undertake all initial financial appraisals, planning/permitting applications, and feedstock and off-take assessments.

Following commissioning of the SG100 plant within the UK, operating teams will be recruited, hired and trained by Standard Gas. All plants are remotely monitored, but day by day operations are undertaken by the onsite team. Business operations such as negotiations of feedstock and power purchase agreements are undertaken by the central management/administration  team.


Assessment of all potential licencing opportunities

Licensing & Joint Venture

Standard Gas assess all potential licencing opportunities. These will be sector special and/or geographical territories.

At the current time Standard Gas is not actively pursuing foreign license arrangements, preferring instead to focus on fully commercialising operations in the UK. Licenses will generally only be considered in markets which have compelling economic and regulatory drivers together with established partners in the market who have the experience and management talent required for a successful roll-out. To date, Standard Gas has issued a license to a JV for the German market, and is in discussions with respect to a license in a South-East Asian country and another EU country.