Ground Breaking Operating Facilities

Because of its modular skid mounted design, the Standard Gas SGlOO plant has the flexibility to be located at a variety of locations including stand alone bespoke facilities, redundant industrial/power production facilities and the back end of MRF facilities.


Working Demonstration Plant SG50

Acquired in 2011 as a failed power production facility with a 3MW grid connection.

The Standard Gas SG50 plant, having a capacity of 50 tonnes/day, was installed in 2012, followed by plant optimisation in 2013. In 2014, following extensive third party testing, the plant achieved End of Waste certification from the Environmental Agency (EA), when the syngas produced was determined, by independent third parties, to be as clean as natural gas. By the end of 2015, the 2.5MW plant had, obtained an EA license to process a broad range of non-recyclable waste feed materials. This was the first advanced thermal treatment process in the UK to be licensed by the EA, under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) rather than the Waste Incineration Directive (WID). Having qualified as an energy producer under the IED, future planning and permitting is reduced to a few months rather than years.

Second Plant - SG100

The SG 100 5MW plant (100 T/D) incorporates all the process design features of the SG50 which, together with efficiencies and enhancements will enable the SG 100 to process 100 T/D of a broad range of waste materials and deliver 5MW of power.

The SG 100 will be built off-site at the manufacturing facilities of a UK world class manufacturer, skid mounted and capable of rapid on-site assembly at Huntingdon. It will operate full time on a commercial basis. Standard Gas have received funding offers to build the SG 100 plant at Huntingdon. It is expected that the plant will be commissioned within 12 months of financial close of project funding.

Typical Plant